This is hard rock mining. Is this what we want in our Public Lands?

Mining Law Reform Issues in Arizona:


Tell President Obama to Save Oak Flat and honor Eisenhower's protection
Two actions:

1) Contact the President by email or phone; contacts and what to say
2) Sign a White House petition
3) One-man government McCain turned over Oak Flat and Apache Leap for destruction--more soon...


News on project to put sulfuric acid in water supply of Florence, AZ to extract copper

Update on EPA draft permit and hearing
 EPA Form for submitting comments on draft permit by March 15, 2015
 Florence Copper misleading Press Release

Previous posts on Florence Copper projects!

A small Arizona town has stood up to a corporation!

Florence copper project is outlawed

Water Facts in Florence—is Curis attempting to deceive the public??

Historical developments and info on project

Latest: Honor our National Forests—they are up next for destruction by mining

170 projects being processed in 44 National Forests!!

Save our Trees!!


Praise for nature--the experience of living in a National Forest and honoring the trees, flowers, birds and wildlife! Take a retreat in the woods to rejuvenate your spirit! No time-- take one vicariously and get inspired to take your own! You will get ideas of what you can do, look for and experience when you do have time to take a retreat in the woods for the restoring of your soul and energy!
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Your purchase will help fuel and fund the effort to save the trees in our National Forests!

What is the problem?

That was THEN!

This is NOW!

Watch National Geographic video on mining reform!

National Geographic article on mining reform!

Our National Forests are under seige: thirty-eight National Forest "Reserves" are being threatened with 142 projects in the West... and still counting— Current proposed projects for each state.

What is the obstacle?

Donations Senators of 109th Congress received from mining corporations.

Senator John McCain receives and deceives with land swaps, destroying forests and costing taxpayers billions!

Who benefits?


Who loses?


Why NOW?

A plea for sanity in forest management in Arizona

Forest Service Reply: What do you think?
Is Forest Service doing what they say they were created to do?

—New report: Environmental Justice & the Survival of a People: Uranium Mining & the Oglala Lakota People

—Report to U.S.Congress on urgency of reform

—See YouTube on urgency of reform
—See YouTube: Poison Wind







Current Action Items:

Report to Forest Service on ignoring the devastation of hardrock mining in their new Planning Rule

Proposed copper mine in Coronado National Forest illustrates the need for change

Check out the 1872 mining law and misrepresentations. If FS followed the 1872 mining law--there would be no mining in our National Forests!

Hazardous Waste Spills at Arizona mines illustrate the tragedy that could occur when mining on public lands

Letter to Forest Service: Plea to save 33,000 mature trees, wildlife habitat and recreation region

Save our trees: Oak Flat and Rosemont Ranch

Complete details on Augusta Resource Corp's Rosemont mine near Tucson

Grand Canyon saved from mining for 20 years!

Report to House Natural Resource Committee regarding Oak Flat

Dept. of Energy Report: Copper is not needed for wind turbines (Pg. 64)

Save Devil's Canyon, Oak Flat and Apache Leap from mining

Correspondence with Pres. Obama regarding PLO 1229

Current mining jobs in Arizona

Current News Releases including from New York Times, Salt Lake City Tribune, AP, National Geological Society

Victory in Colorado for water and public accountability on mining

Information on proposed Uranium mining at Grand Canyon

Groundwater Awareness League comments on withdrawal

Groundwater Awareness League comments on withdrawal—second phase

Data on mining impacts, including Sierrita and Rosemont

Information on Superior—Apache Leap, Oak Flat, Devil's Canyon—proposed mine

The Reality—still not convinced? Check out this photo album!

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