Here are the facts: Is Curis attempting to deceive the public?

Diagram from Curis report on the location of their wells that will be injecting sulfuric acid into the aquifer



Here is the diagram of the deep aquifer pocket with a public supply well right beside their operations:

Registered Wells beside Curis Operations
(4-9) 30DDA Southwest Value Parterners Well
(4-9) 29CBC SGC
(4-9) 29DAB Riggins farm well
(4-9) 29DAC


Next obvious question--In 1980, Arizona passed a Groundwater Code. How can a mining company withdraw groundwater that will be wasted by placing in drying ponds because it's too toxic to reuse? ANSWER: Mining is exempt from the Groundwater Code. They can pump as much water as they need--waste as much as they want—with a rubber-stamped permit from ADWR. That's water management Arizona-style!! This law was passed under Govenor Babbitt. I have left messages for him in the past in his cushy D.C. office--and he never replied.