Mining Law Reform
has been a long time in the making

Federal Mineral Development and Land Protection Equity Act of 2005
Text of Bill reintroduced in 109th Congress of 2007

Summary of HR-3968 Federal Mineral Development and Land Protection Equity Act of 2005

Comments by Earthworks on the HR-3968 Rahall-Shays-Inslee Federal Mineral Development and Land Protection Equity Act of 2005

House Committee on Resources, Remarks by Ranking Member Nick J. Rahall, II

November 3, 2005
An Assault on America’s Public Lands

The Hardrock Mining Provisions of the Resources Committee’s Budget Reconciliation Package Mr. Speaker. Among the many egregious provisions of the Budget Reconciliation recommendations recently approved by the Resources Committee is a raid on America’s public lands and our natural resources heritage of almost unparalleled proportions. Included in these recommendations to be considered by the House Budget Committee is the worst kind of “sham reform” of the Mining Law of 1872 that has ever been promoted during my tenure in Congress and if enacted would result in a blazing fire sale of federal lands to domestic and international corporate interests. It is actually a step backward from this 133-year old statute.

Mining on Federal Lands
Issue Brief for Congress
Updated June 11, 2002

Near the end of the first session of the 107th Congress, some Members of Congress and Administration officials expressed interest in moving a mining law reform bill during the second session. The most recent bill to reform the General Mining Law of 1872 was introduced on May 16, 2002 by Nick Rahall and Christopher Shays. This bill would require an 8% net smelter return royalty on hardrock minerals, a reclamation plan, financial guarantees for cleanup, and an unsuitability review.

Executive Summary of Study of Hard Rock Mining on Federal Lands — 1999

This report responds to a request by Congress that the National Research Council assess the adequacy of the regulatory framework for hardrock mining on federal lands.

Hardrock Mining Issues Congressional Field Hearing
September 22, 1997, Elko, Nevada

includes testimony from Senator Harry Reid and Tom Myers of Great Basin Mine Watch

S. 506 Legislative History and Digest provided by American Geological Institute
Proposed Mining Law Reform Act of 1995

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