This is hard rock mining. Is this what we want in our Public Lands?


Urgent Action Item!

The Grand Canyon region is under seige again. We got only a 20 year reprieve under the Obama Administration,
but current Administratiors are going after it sooner.

Past reports 2009-2011 that I submitted to BLM and Forest Service

(Please note that Government Agencis links might no longer be viable)

Grand Canyon area proposed for uranium mining by three mining companies

Comments to BLM on withdrawal of 1,000,000 acres from mining at the Grand Canyon

Further Comments to BLM on withdrawal of 1,000,000 acres from mining at the Grand Canyon

Upcoming actions to Save Oak Flat from devastation!

Latest News from Tonto Forest Devastation Service: Hearings will be held in September 2019--keep alert!
Past Activism: The Republicans in U.S. Congress gave away traditional sacred Native American land in the U.S. National Forest to be destroyed by copper mining aforever. The proposal had been heard in the Senate Natural Resources 8 times in 10 years, and never passed out of committee. Arizona Senator John Mccain with a brain tumor and a "contribution" of $7.500 (source: from Rio Tinto, B
ritish-Austraiian mining company put an Earmark on the "must pass" Military Spending Bill giving the traditional Oak Flat Campground and Native American sacred grounds away for destruction. (NOTE: Both Presidents Eisenhower and Nixon had signed a Public Land Order to preserve this land, while President Obama refusd to do so inspite of a petition of 150,000 signatures.

Currnt Situation. Forest Service will be having hearings this summer on the final Enivronmental Impact Statement. State tuned.
The San Carlos Apaches, who have suffered a massacre and a leap to death to avoid capture by the U.S. Calvary have been attempting to have the Earmark removd. The Forest Service has been moving ahead with the EIS. The biggest two problems are the at least one mile wide pit from subsidence and where to put the thousands of tons of mining slurry that will be leaking into the groundwater. They haven't even considered the impact to the National Forest of dewatering a pit down to 7,000 feet in order to do thir block-cave mining and where all the wast rock will be piled.

Thank you! Mother Earth thanks you for saving thousands century-old oaks In our National Forest and local groundwater supplies.

Mining Law Reform Issues in Arizona:


Reports on the travesty of abandoned uranium mines, coal fired plants, coal mining, and taking of water by corporations
Navajo Land

Sept. 17, 2015 - Freeman Comments on Coal Royalties to Department of Interior

Sept. 18, 2015 - FremanComments on Navajo hearing to Government Oversight and Natural Resources Committees

Dec. 4, 2015 - Freeman Comments on Navajo Legacy to Department of Energy

Progress: EPA Report —Cleaning Up Abandoned Uranium Mines

        Sept 2016: EPA Begins Clean Up of Abandoned Uranium Mines on Navajo Nation

       Dec 2016: Drone used to detect uranium sites, first step in cleanup


Senator John McCain—in the pocket of a foreign mining company—has sold out the trust of the American people in giving away National Forest land that was preserved and protected by two Republican Presidents: Eisenhower and Nixon—for only $7,500 contribution in a non-election year!

Here's the reality: Oak Flat Campround in our National forest, now filled with centuries-old oak trees will look like this:

One-man government McCain turned over Oak Flat and Apache Leap for destruction
A bill for this project had been heard in the U.S. Senate 8 times since 2005 and it was never passed out of committee!!

This is what we would be losing because of McCain's personal grudge against the San Carlos Apaches -- it couldn't have been money. Rio Tinto only gave him a mere $7,500 contribution in a non-election year.

Although Obama signed the bill without a blink for $20 billions in earmark projects, the Oak Flat giveaway can be repealed!
Please help the San Carlos Apaches reach that goal by signing petitions that have been created by several groups that emphasize different issues and targeting different officials:

Latest petition to Save Oak Flat, sacred ceremonial ground, historical Apache summer home, hundreds of trees in our National Forest, water supply for the National Forest

Stand with the Apache: No mining on sacred land (already over one million signatures!)


Novmber 14, 2015: Senators Bernie Sanders (VT), Martin Heinrich (NM), Tammy Baldwin (WI) Introduce Save Oak Flat Act:
S. 2242

Following on AZ Rep. Grijalva introducing Save Oak Flat Bill in House (H.R. 2811)

Save Oak Flat Act

Excerpt from Bill S. 2242:
Congress finds as follows:

Congress finds as follows: Section 3003 of the Carl Levin and Howard P. ‘‘Buck'' McKeon National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2015 (16 U.S.C. 539p) authorizes approximately 2,422 acres of Forest Service land known as ‘‘Oak Flat'' in the Tonto National Forest in Southeastern Arizona that is sacred to Indian tribes in the region, including the San Carlos Apache Tribe, to be transferred to a mining company called Resolution Copper. That company plans to hold the Forest land privately for a mining project that will result in the physical destruction of tribal sacred areas and deprive American Indians from practicing their religions, ceremonies, and other traditional practices. The mining project will also create significant negative environmental impacts by destroying the area and depleting and contaminating precious water resources.

Please contact the Senators of the Energy and Natural Resource Committee request that they support the Save Oak Flat Act. Contact List: SenatorNRCommittee

Want to know more details? Here's a comprehensive report on the details

Photos of Swap Lands by Robert Witzman: Seven burned out ranches with no stands of old oaks

Vegetation and Wildlife Survey by Sky Jacobs: Devil's Canyon, Tonto National Forest

New York Times Opinion: Selling Off Apache Holy Land by Laura Milet

San Carlos Apache Chairman Terry Rambler Testimony
Natural Resource Commitee, U.S. Congress, 2013

Click here for Video of Senate Hearing on Bill S.339

Testimony by San Carlos Chairman Terry Rambler

San Carlos Report on Mining Operation

Oak Flat and Rio Tinto: The Law, the Lies, and
the Queen Valley Confrontation

Click here for informative Video on Oak Flat

by Ezekiel Kelly

Apache Stronghold Website

For the sake of posterity here's the historical documents, Bills and timeline:

Meetings, reports and Bills 2006-2008

Actions, reports and bill 2009

Actions, reports, bill 2010

Report to Congress 2011

Report to Congress re: Jobs 2011

Report to Congress 2013

Latest: Honor our National Forests—they are up for non-sustainable destruction by mining

170 projects being processed in 44 National Forests!!

Save our Trees!!

Report to Congress on protecting our National Forests from Forest Fires

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Current News; :
Another reason for mining law reform—coal mining

The Coal Baron on Trial in Appalachia

The New York Times Opinion Pages | EDITORIAL

“Run coal!” was the signature command Donald Blankenship issued to underlings when he reigned as the fearsome baron of Big Coal in the mines of Appalachia . His mantra of profits above all else is at the core of the current criminal trial of Mr. Blankenship on charges of conspiring to violate health and safety laws, and scheming to foil mine investigators in connection with the Upper Big Branch mine explosion that killed 29 coal miners more than five years ago in Raleigh County, W.Va.   (read more)

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The Reality—still not convinced? Check out this photo album!

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