Ed Pastor introduces Arizona Land Exchange Bill HR 3301
into U.S. House 8/1/07

Pastor's spokesperson claims there are so many people for it that it must be given a hearing. Who are for it? Well, the Governor of Arizona. We need those jobs for the economy. There will be 1,000 construction jobs—[temporary jobs for a year or so]. Then there will be 400 mining jobs [mining jobs are open just 5 miles down the road that no one is applying for. Phelps Dodge is offering $4,000 bonus to miners who will move to Safford]. Just where is Governor Napolitano and her "jobs" mantra taking us??? Pastor is from the Superior area, so he knows well the terrible destruction on the northwest side of town. There were also three co-sponors of the bill. Jeff Flake won't allow an earmark in his state—yet he is giving a huge earmark to a foreign company owned by Rio Tinto and BHP, both vying to see which one can score the worst environmental record. Both of them have had stockholders question their practices!

Recommended Action: Call Pastor and three co-sponsors and let them know you object to this exchange of publicly owned forest service land, which will mean the mining company can avoid the environmental impact process mandated by National Environmental Policy Act on public lands.

These are the Phoenix numbers as they will be home in August. We also need to attend any public meetings they have to inform people.

602-256-0551   Pastor


480-833-0092   Flake


480-946-2411   Mitchell

602-263-5300   Shadegg